Polen Control App APK 2022

Polen Control was developed by Almirall in collaboration with the SEAIC (Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology) to improve the quality of life for pollen allergy sufferers in Spain. How would we like to assist you with our app?

Our objective is for you to be able to avoid allergies and have greater control over your symptoms, as well as to be always informed about information that might help you. We show you the tools you’ll have at your disposal to tackle your allergy!

You will be able to determine the danger of pollens that impact you in the geographical region where you are thanks to the Allergy Risk Index. We provide you with customised information based on your location and Pollen type. Gramineae, Platanus, Pinus, Quercus, Carex, Mercurialis, Olea, Urticaceae, Alnus, Castanea, Artemisa, Alternaria, Amarantaceae, Plantago, Rumex, Palmaceae, Ulmus, Cupresaceae, Betula, Fraxinus, Populus, and Morus are among the pollens studied.

We aim to assist you in your daily activities! To help you achieve this, we’ve provided you with a calendar on which you may keep track of your symptoms and the medications you’re taking to treat them on a daily basis. What is the most appealing aspect of this long-distance race? You will be able to get a comprehensive report on your progress and share it with your doctor or pharmacist.

Furthermore, Polen Control strives to keep you informed at all times. To do so, you’ll have access to a series of short articles in which you’ll discover useful advice for dealing with your allergy. Don’t forget to enable alerts so you don’t miss any of these posts!

We have a presence throughout virtually the whole country of Spain! The following are the provinces for which we presently have pollen data:

lava, albacete, alicante, almera, vila, badajoz, barcelona, Burgos, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Cuenca, Huesca, Huelva, Inca, Girona, Granada, Guadalajara, Guipzcoa, Huesca, Jaé

Polen Control App APK 2022 for Android Free Download

How To Download Polen Control App APK 2022

  • By clicking the button below, you can begin the download of Polen Control App APK 2022. When the download is finished, go to your browser’s “Downloads” area and look for the APK. You must first ensure that third-party apps are permitted on your device before you can install it.
  • The steps to accomplish this are mostly the same as those listed below. Check for unknown sources in Menu> Settings> Security> to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • After you’ve performed the previous step, go to your browser’s “Download” tab and tap the file after it’s downloaded. You will see an installation popup asking for permission before you can proceed with the installation processes.
  • You can now use the application as usual once the installation is complete.

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