One Touch TV APK Latest Version Free Download

Asian films and television series have grown in popularity throughout time. Korean films and dramas, in particular, are gaining popularity around the world due to their legendary stars and thrilling stories.

Asian movies and shows are available on a variety of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and others. However, if you want to watch all Asian movies and episodes for free, download One Touch TV right now!
Nowadays, many streaming apps are available that allow anyone to stream. This app, on the other hand, is unique in that it focuses on Asian films and television episodes and is completely free!

You may fill your heart with all of the Korean material you’ve been dying to watch. Amor Fati, Ask Us Anything, The Veil, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, and other hot and new Asian titles may be found here. There are sections dedicated to movies, drama, and live channels in the app for you to enjoy!

One Touch TV APK Latest Version Free Download

One Touch TV APK

Thanks to the multiple streaming apps accessible today, the entertainment business is growing. These apps have made it easier and more economical to view movies and television shows. Today, these apps allow users to stream a limitless number of movies and shows from any device at any time.

These apps offer a diverse selection of films and television shows from a variety of genres and nations. However, with One Touch TV, you can watch all of your Asian movies and series in one spot. Instead of the regular movies and shows, you’ll only be able to watch Asian ones here.

You won’t have to scour the internet for your favourite Asian material if you use this app. Many movies and episodes from Korea, China, and Japan are available in this app!

You can watch the top movies and series in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, romance, thriller, drama, horror, and more, using this app. High Class, Drifting, My Name, The Veil, Squid Games, Yumi’s Cells, and many other games are available here.

Subtitles are available for free via the app, making it accessible to a global audience. You’ll find a lot of entertaining movies and series here!

One Touch TV APK Features

With so many movies and episodes available today, you can get One Touch TV for free.

  • Take Advantage of Asian Content – You don’t have to be up to date on the newest news to realise that streaming applications are popular. Today, we see a lot of adverts and commercials for streaming apps all over the internet.
    With so many streaming apps available now, you can stream without restriction. One Touch TV, on the other hand, is the only reasonable choice for Asian movies and programming. This app has all of the top Asian movies and episodes for you to binge-watch!
    With so much Asian video available nowadays, you can watch a lot of it right here. The app has a lot of Asian movies and episodes that you can watch right now for free. You can watch the top Asian films and series in a variety of categories here.
    Browse through a wide range of videos from China, Japan, and Korea! Squid Games, One the Woman, Lending You My House on Wheels, Running Man, Cute Programmer, A Gentleman, a Young Lady, and other popular and amusing titles are available through the app.
  • There are numerous categories – There are many different sorts of movies and series available on One Touch TV. You can watch comedy, action, thrillers, horror, drama, romance, and a variety of other genres here.
    The app has a large collection of videos to choose from, including a wide range of movies and shows. Whatever genre you like, we’re confident you’ll be able to find something to binge-watch today! Now is the time to look for the best videos.
  • From a variety of Asian countries – Many movies and episodes from various Asian nations, such as South Korea, Japan, and China, are available on One Touch TV. These three Asian countries, particularly South Korea, are well-known for their films and television shows. Many Korean dramas are now available to stream on various streaming applications.
    You can enjoy a variety of amusing ones in this one, including Omniscient Interfering View, How Do You Play, You Raise Me, and many others. Chinese films such as Jin Jiang Dao Ling, The Rational Life, Shining Days, and others are also available.
  • Subtitles – With One Touch TV, you can watch movies and episodes with subtitles in English and other languages. Thanks to the subtitles available here, you’ll be able to watch whether you’re an Asian or not.

How To Download One Touch TV APK

This one-of-a-kind feature assures that its consumers are always safe. If the Google Play Store does not have this app, you can always get it from this page. Before you finish the idea, follow the steps below to install this app on Android devices.

  • In Settings, go to “Unknown Sources.” After that, go to Security and turn on the option for Security.
  • Go to your Android device’s download manager and select One Touch TV. It’s now your turn to download.
  • On the mobile screen, there are two alternatives. There are two ways to install an operating system on your Android device, and both need you to boot it rapidly.
  • On your smartphone screen, you’ll see a window with options. It will take some time for it to materialise.
  • When all of the downloads and installations are finished, simply select “Open” to bring up the screen on your mobile device.


One Touch TV is a free software that you may download if you’re looking for the greatest Asian movies and shows streaming app available today.

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