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Many of us are fascinated by the subject of criminal investigations. As a result, a plethora of films, television series, and even video games have been produced on the subject. It piques our interest and enables us to ponder more deeply than we typically would. If you like thriller tales, you will enjoy this game!
Duskwood is a game made by Everbyte that has received over one million downloads on Google Play. This isn’t your typical interactive narrative game; instead, you’ll be working on a criminal case and attempting to locate a missing girl! You’ll look for clues, chat to people, and maybe even track down the offenders if you’re lucky. Save the girl before it’s too late, and deliver justice to the front lines! There are a lot of things to do and a lot of hints to study in this game. Will you be able to solve it before it’s too late? If you’re interested, keep reading!

Duskwood Mod Apk Latest Version Free Download

Duskwood Mod Apk

Right today, there are a plethora of criminal case films and television series to choose from. It seems to be the current trend, with classics like Sherlock Holmes being revived. When it comes to mysteries and thriller series, people are constantly inquisitive. If you’re one of those folks, this game is for you!
Duskwood is a Google Play Store game with over 1 million downloads. You are the key to the investigation in this interactive criminal investigation game! Hannah has been missing for 72 hours and has yet to be found. Her buddies then got a message with your phone number! This is where the game’s mystery begins. Are you able to complete the puzzle? Will you be able to track down the criminal and rescue Hannah as well as yourself? Continue reading to learn more!

Duskwood Mod Apk Features

Duskwood isn’t your normal story-driven adventure game. You’ll be engaged in a criminal investigation involving a missing individual in this one. You must do everything possible to gather clues, evaluate them, and locate the individual. The following are some of the game’s features:

  • A one-of-a-kind game – Recently, there has been an increase in the number of interactive tale games. However, a new game-changer has arrived in town. Duskwood is an unusual game in that it lacks the standard romance and drama aspects. You’ll be looking for clues, speaking with the victim’s friends, analysing the clues, and trying to uncover the perpetrator in this one! Aside from that, there are times when you’ll need to outwit the criminals in order to bring them to justice. If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a detective genius, Duskwood is the place to be!
  • Make choices – You have a variety of replies to choose from in this game. You’ll be interacting with a variety of characters, one of them is the murderer. You must make choices that are true to yourself! Because this is a game about you, you must make judgments that will not put you in danger.
  • There’s a lot of information here — Throughout the episodes of Duskwood, there are several photos, voicemails, small games, and movies. Expect a variety of hints to bring you to either a breakthrough or a dead end. It’s up to you to figure out how you’ll examine them to find the murderer. You must examine every piece of evidence you come across in this game.
  • Make new acquaintances – You’ll encounter a lot of individuals in Duskwood! You never know who you’ll meet, so be cautious about who you trust. Because it’s so simple to be duped in this game, you must be vigilant. Do not be tricked into believing you’re conversing with a nice man!
  • Stunning visuals – Duskwood is a one-of-a-kind game that incorporates actual conversations, images, media, and more! At times, the game’s aspects are so realistic that it doesn’t seem like a game.

How To Download Duskwood Mod Apk

  • By clicking the button below, you can begin the download of Duskwood Mod Apk. When the download is finished, go to your browser’s “Downloads” area and look for the APK. You must first ensure that third-party apps are permitted on your device before you can install it.
  • The steps to accomplish this are mostly the same as those listed below. Check for unknown sources in Menu> Settings> Security> to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • After you’ve performed the previous step, go to your browser’s “Download” tab and tap the file after it’s downloaded. You will see an installation popup asking for permission before you can proceed with the installation processes.
  • You can now use the application as usual once the installation is complete.


Duskwood is an interactive criminal investigation game in which you must piece together the facts to locate the murderer! Now is the time to get the premium mod and unlock all of the episodes!

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