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There was a time when people were enthralled by television shows and films. They needed TV, dish, and cables to obtain all of these channels because there was no other way to watch them. However, as time passed, everything began to change. Smartphones and thoptv for PC were both debuted at the same time. People began to watch content on these gadgets. People now have a plethora of options for watching content thanks to Android. ThopTV APK is one of the numerous Android apps that offers free access to infinite movies and TV shows. These episodes and movies are available to watch for free. This application can be downloaded for free from anywhere on the internet.

There are no monthly subscription fees for this app, therefore it gives consumers with free enjoyment. Within this app, users may watch MPL LIVE, movies, shows, listen to the radio, and much more for free. This software includes a good amount of wonderful features that will give you the finest streaming experience possible. Let’s have a look at those amazing qualities.

Thoptv Apk

For most people all over the world, movies and television shows have long been the most popular form of entertainment. As a result, performers, directors, and the entire entertainment industry get wealthier and more popular. We can’t help it; thanks to technological advancements, we’ve completely transformed how we consume media today. We may now view any movie or show at any time and from any location. All of this is feasible thanks to streaming services like Netflix. The only drawback to these services is that they are costly!

Because most people barely make minimum income, they can’t afford to pay a monthly subscription to these streaming services. And for some, this is a luxury that drains their bank account. If you’re one of these folks, due to ThopTV, you no longer have to pay to view movies and TV series. This groundbreaking application allows you to watch a wide variety of movies and TV series from all over the world right on your smartphone!

App NameThopTV Apk
Latest Versionv45.4.0
MOD InfoFor Android, iphone, IOS
UpdateJuly 30, 2021

THOPTV App Features

Online streaming providers such as Netflix and Hulu now offer excellent service. However, they are really expensive! Unfortunately, there is a free software called ThopTV that allows you to watch a variety of movies and TV shows! Their traits are as follows:

There are numerous sports channels available.

We all know how much people enjoy sports! It is common to see it on television. Any sport you wish to watch can be found on ThopTV for free! This app features a variety of sports channels, including basketball, baseball, cricket, soccer, volleyball, barely tennis, and others.

Channels for TV and Movies

ThopTV is the app for you if you appreciate movies and TV shows but can’t afford to pay for streaming services like Netflix. There are 3000 amazing TV channels from all over the world in this app! Plus, there are over 3000 movies to choose from in the app! ThopTV can make sure you have access to every movie you wish to view. It’s simple to find folks who are similar to you.

There are 500 different channels available.

Apart from these, Jio TV, Hungama TV, Pogo TV, and a total of 500 Indian entertainment channels are available!! Whether you’re Indian or not, you’ll enjoy the free Bollywood entertainment! We are all aware that Indians provide high-quality entertainment in the form of drama, comedy, and action. ThopTV has all of India’s most popular and not-so-popular live channels!

Playback in High Definition

ThopTV should be used because it supports HD playback, especially if MX Player is used. You no longer need to pay a premium for a wonderful experience when you can have it for free online with ThopTV! Almost all of the media in this app is presented in high-definition formats that will wow you. It will persuade you to watch it on ThopTV rather than pay for cable or Netflix!
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List of Favorites

If you enjoy movies or TV series and wish to save them for later viewing, you may do so on ThopTV! You can save them to your favourites list and use them again later! Almost all streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, have this option.

User Interface That Is Simple

Apart from ThopTV, it has a user-friendly UI that meets your needs. With a few bangs, you can instantly watch a TV show or a movie! It’s not something where you have to navigate a maze to achieve what you want. ThopTV has it all and makes it simple for people to watch their favourite movies and TV series.

Firestick and CAST are supported.

ThopTV also supports Firestick and CAST if you want to view movies and TV shows on the large screen. As a result, you’ll be able to watch your favourite movies and TV episodes on a larger screen than your phone. What a sense of ease!

There are numerous categories to choose from.

ThopTV has a wide selection of movies and live TV stations in all genres. News, sports, entertainment, and cartoons may be all you require! You can watch a lot of material without having to use a third-party programme.

Chat with Customer Service

The customer care chat function is possibly the most wonderful feature that this free software has to offer! Yes, everything you’ve just read is accurate! In the event of a problem, you can contact customer assistance via this free app.

All Android devices are supported.

ThopTV may be used on any Android device! Most streaming services only support current Android smartphones, so this isn’t surprising.


You may even add subtitles if you wish to view a foreign movie or TV show online.

Films and television series

Users can choose from a large selection of movies and TV shows on ThopTV. The ThopTV collection makes it simple to find the stuff you want to watch. There are several categories such as love movies, psychological films, action films, science fiction films, horror films, and many other sports, news, and interview sessions. In addition, ThopTV offers localised programming such as live TV surveillance, which broadcasts shows in real time. All of ThopTV’s material, in particular, is absolutely free.

Despite the fact that ThopTV For PC has a lot of content, it’s not difficult to find what you’re looking for. You may rapidly search by publisher, genre, year, or keywords using the smart filter option. Users will be shown the most popular and new material even when they are not on the home page. The categorization is incredibly user-friendly and simple to adjust and choose from. Users will have an easier time searching for and discovering new material as a result of this.

Sporting Events

On racing cable networks, you no longer have to pay a monthly fee to view Premier League matches. With ThopTV, you can watch movies and sports tournaments from all over the world. You can participate in football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and a variety of other sports.

Slide Views are supported.

The ability to support projection on different devices is one of the characteristics of ThopTV that many people like. You may view movies on a Smart TV or a huge screen with the integrated CAST and Firestick.

Favorite List

If you come across something intriguing or new that you don’t have time for, you can save it to your favourites and revisit it when you do. Streaming services are also connected with this capability.

How To Download Thop Tv Apk 2021

Some of you may wish to download this App and try out ThopTV Apk now that you know about its advantages. Simply follow these steps to install ThopTV Apk on your Android device.

Because ThopTV Apk is not available on the Play Store, you must take action before downloading this App.

  • Go to Settings and activate “Unknown Sources” in the Security section to allow your smartphone to download apps from places other than the Play Store.
  • ThopTV Apk APK files are available for download in the latest version. Once the APK files have been downloaded, open them and hit the “Install” option.
  • Simply click on it, and a new interface will appear in front of you.
  • Continue with the options, and if it asks for confirmation permission, grant all of them.
  • Now all you have to do is select your favourite and begin watching, streaming, or downloading.


ThopTv Apk is one of the best Apks available on the internet, allowing you to view over 3000 free television stations and over 5000 movies.

You can also get free downloads of your favourite movies and TV shows. You’ll never have to be concerned about updates or issues again. The company’s software is updated on a regular basis. It is one of the best apps available; you will never be sorry for getting it. So go ahead and download ThopTv on your device and start watching.

Please let us know if you have any problems downloading the app in the comments area below.

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