Textnow APK For Android Latest Version

Hundreds of thousands of calls and texts are made and received every second as you read this article. In the past, resolving communication issues was difficult and costly. However, it is now fully free, and TextNow provides this service. Download this programme to get a second phone number and instantly communicate with loved ones.

Textnow APK For Android Latest Version

Textnow APK

Everyone would enjoy using TextNow APK. This app is for people who don’t have a phone number but yet wish to call their friends and relatives. You can establish an account on TextNow APK by selecting from a list of numbers. North American customers can send texts, exchange media, and call others all over America and Canada with this number and account.

Communication is free in these countries, and it is simple to impersonate a location via a WiFi connection. It is thus a more convenient solution for those who like to communicate with their friends and family for no cost. This apologise has a lot of amazing characteristics, such as good privacy, which means that your personal information or private data will never be shared with other individuals or third parties. You have no restrictions on making video calls in addition to audio calls.

TextNow provides a new personalised number that will not be illegal to use for communication throughout the United States and Canada, which is a huge relief for those who do not have access to a sim card. There are plenty other features in this application that you will enjoy, in addition to these outstanding ones. Let’s take a look at what makes TextNow APK the greatest app.

Textnow APK Features

  • All premium features of TextNow are unlocked.
  • Making and receiving phone calls
  • Allow AI to choose the perfect style for you.
  • Keep your messages secure with a passcode.
  • Forwarding of Calls
  • Assign each contact their own ringtone and background music.
  • Signatures: customise each text with your own signature.
  • Multiple devices, one phone number
  • Launching a widget on the home screen Send and receive texts using TextNow’s unified inbox.
  • Make a phone out of your Wi-Fi-enabled tablet.
  • Backgrounds that can be changed
  • You can use elastic calling to avoid dropped calls.
  • Send videos to your friends and family via video messaging.
  • Voicemail Your voicemail will be transcribed into a transcript.
  • Text tone, ringtone, and vibration can all be customised.

How To Download Textnow APK

  • This programme is simpler to set up. Simply search for this chat app on the internet.
  • Now click on the download button and wait for it to finish.
  • Now launch your phone’s file manager.
  • Look for this programme and install it.
  • Connect with your loved ones with the most recent messenger app.


Because of its free, dependable, and speedy service, Textnow APK has become a global favourite chatting and calling programme. It allows users to make calls from anywhere at any time. It’s incredibly straightforward and straightforward to use. It also has a passcode feature that is compatible with Google smart play to protect one’s texts and calls. The unified inbox function gives the user a sense of security and makes connecting easier. Textnow apk’s voicemail transcription feature and home screen widget help users save time and energy.


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