Seagull Assistant 7.2.1 Apk Download

You must download the latest app “Seagull Assistant Apk” for android smartphones and tablets if you want to boost your science knowledge by engaging in various Computer Based Training (CBT) and Computer-based Education systems (CES) from your smartphone.

This tool is primarily intended to help users enhance their knowledge of changing seafarers. It is the only app for maritime training available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. This application is constantly changing in response to user feedback.

The Seagull Assistant App is always available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores to assist people in accessing their training requirements and competency status. If you want to learn more about marine life, you should download this app directly from the Google Play Store for your Android device.

Seagull Assistant 7.2.1 Apk  Download

Seagull Assistant 7.2.1 Apk

This is an Android application developed and offered by Seagull for android users all around the world, particularly those in the United States, to participate in various computer-based training to improve their understanding of sea life.

This application has also introduced additional capabilities that allow students to perform Self-Assessments once they have determined that they are prepared for the test. They can readily reach out to any assessor to get their abilities tested. When you contact the assessor, he or she will set up planned training as well as an additional off-line method for data access.

The major goal of this app was to improve the knowledge of students interested in pursuing a career in the nautical industry. So that they can learn everything there is to know about shipbuilding equipment and the safety precautions that must be taken when working on the ship.

After completing all of these exams, students will have a better understanding of the nature of employment as well as the norms and regulations that workers follow while working on shipyards. It also offers advanced training for those who want to take their skills to the next level.

Seagull Assistant 7.2.1 Apk Features

  • Find out what caused the events that occurred on the beach or at sea.
  • Learn how to handle these circumstances effectively.
  • You may learn how to react to various circumstances and incidents on ships this way.
  • You will learn about the most common causes of ship accidents.
  • You can learn about how pressure in vessels breaks down and how to use it.
  • Get the evaluator some training.

How To Download Seagull Assistant 7.2.1 APK

You can download this app from our website using the direct download link provided at the bottom of the article and install it on your smartphone. After installing the app, touch on the app icon to launch it.

The app icon will appear on your home screen. To open the app’s list of choices, click on the left corner. Choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu. Click on the CBT exam if you wish to participate in CBT training, or on this option if you want to participate in CES.

It will open a selection of training offered by this app when you select any course. Simply tap on the training you want to take from the list. You can contact the accessor for your proficiencies after completing any course. Repeat the process for additional tests after you’ve completed one.


The Seagull Assistant App is an Android application that allows users to participate in various CBT examinations in order to increase their knowledge.

If you want to learn more about marine time, this app is for you. Please share this app with your friends and family. More apps and games can be found by subscribing to our page.

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