MTC Pro APK Latest Version Free Download

MTC Pro APK newest version allows you to easily locate subterranean metals. It includes an easy-to-follow logic that allows you to trace the metal’s specific location.

MTC Pro APK 2022 is a tool for finding hidden treasures in the ground. It has a high level of accuracy, ensuring that you acquire the exact GPS location of your precious metals.

It also includes a user-friendly interface that enables for precise data interpretation. To read and comprehend the UI, you don’t need any technical knowledge.

Furthermore, this application is small and light. It runs smoothly on most Android devices running version 4.4 or higher. As a result, you can rest assured that this app will not cause your device to hang or overheat.

MTC Pro APK Latest Version Free Download

What is MTC Pro APK 2022 and How Does It Work?

This software employs a sophisticated algorithm to locate metallic or magnetic items. It’s based on the idea that various metals react differently to the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field intensity and other parameters are used by the calculator to identify metallic/treasure objects.

This app also includes various maps that are incorporated into the software. You may simply trace the exact position of your metallic riches with these maps.

Its professional edition is significantly more capable. It now has a database upgrade that enables it to detect hidden metals. This implies you can track the location of many types of metallic items from a long distance away.

MTC Pro APK also includes a high-performance mechanism that enables it to work accurately in any environment. Download MTC Pro APK for Android today if you’re interested in discovering metallic items.

MTC APK Features

Databank of Target Signatures

This programme has a sophisticated database that enables it to find suitable metallic things. It selects a treasure map that is ideal for your location using its algorithm. As a result, you can rest certain that this programme will run well in the vast majority of situations.

Using Target Data Points to Interpret

The target data is interpreted in real time by the MTC Pro APK programme. It’s made to provide a simple, basic interface for identifying metallic items.

You can use this software to find the exact location of your metallic treasure and dig it up without any difficulty. Even better, the interpretation is quite simple.

Accurate Location Information

The programme employs its own algorithm to generate precise latitude and longitude data, which you may use to find the prize. The coordinates are straightforward to read and comprehend.

System with a High-Performance Capacity

This software has a high-performance mechanism that allows it to function in a variety of situations. Regardless of the location, you can rest assured that this application will locate your metallic treasures quickly and precisely.

Images are used to find data.

Data can also be entered via photos in the MTC Pro APK application. With this user-friendly software, tracking precious metal objects has never been easier!

Simply take a picture of the metallic thing you have in your possession, and you’re ready to go. This is one of the most distinguishing characteristics that sets it apart from the competition.

GPS Systems That Are Extremely Accurate

This programme makes advantage of GPS technology that is extremely precise. As a result, you can confidently and easily trace the metallic items around your location.

This software is easier to use than ever before — simply open it and press a button to begin searching for your treasure!

Additional App Features

A user interface that is simple to understand. The application offers a user-friendly design that makes it simple to understand the results. To read the metallic items around you, you don’t need any particular skills.

There is no need for technical knowledge. One of the best things about this programme is that it doesn’t require any specific skills to operate. Simply press a button and wait for the results to appear!

Updates in real time. The app provides real-time updates on the data collected, allowing you to confidently track down your metallic things.

How to Get MTC Pro APK?

Picosens GmbH’s one-of-a-kind tool can be downloaded for free from a variety of third-party websites. Here’s how to do it:

Unknown Sources Apps must be enabled. This function allows you to install apps that aren’t available in the Google Play Store, such as MTC Pro APK. To enable this, go to Settings on your phone and seek for a Security or Applications option, depending on your device. Make sure the “Unknown Sources” checkbox is ticked or activated when you choose this option.

MTC Pro APK is available for download. You may effortlessly download MTC Pro APK on your phone after this option is activated by using any browser available to you. After downloading the app, open it and follow the in-app instructions to install it on your smartphone. MTC Pro APK can now be launched and all of its fantastic features can be enjoyed.

Download MTC Pro APK MOD

This app’s modded version allows you to use all of the premium features without spending any money. It has the following distinguishing characteristics:

There are no advertisements. There are no advertising in the programme to annoy you while you’re using it.

Free access to all premium features! All of the app’s premium features, such as GPS systems, real-time updates, and more, are available for free.

All bugs have been fixed. This patched version has a lot better stability and dependability thanks to the problem patches.

Using the instructions above, you can obtain MTC Pro APK MOD from third-party websites.


MTC Pro is one of the best Android metal detectors available. It comes with incredible capabilities that make it a must-have for treasure hunters and engineers.

MTC Pro APK MOD is a free app that gives you access to premium features. There are no adverts, no in-app purchases, and no in-app purchases in this modded app. You can get it from a variety of third-party websites.


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