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The world’s largest cave, Grottan Son Doong Apk (Mountain River Cave), is located in the centre of Vietnam’s Quang Binh Province’s Fong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. It dates back 400 to 450 million years and was produced during the Cambrian and Permian geological periods. No words can adequately describe the vastness of this UNESCO-listed cave, which spans more than five kilometres and rises to a height of 200 metres. The main cave is large enough to engulf an entire New York City block.

Grottan Son Doong Cave is located in Kwang Binh Province’s Fong Nahana Bang National Park. The British Cave Research Association discovered this amazing cave in 2009/2010. Mr. Ho Khan, a local forester, discovered the cave’s entrance, which was deep in the forest. Son Dung Cave is now the world’s largest cave, and it has piqued the interest of a number of film firms, including the BBC, National Geographic, the Japanese, and a Brazilian team.

In 2011, it was also featured in the National Geographic Magazine. The cave of Son Dung is unlike any other cave on the planet. This massive cave has two enormous daylight apertures that flood the cave with light. Huge forests grow at the foot of these windows, utilising the abundant light to grow trees up to 30 metres tall. But Son Dung isn’t only about its massive size; the cave also contains some of the world’s best cave stones.

A massive stalagmite and an 80-meter-high curb pool may be found throughout the cave. There are also some fantastic examples of newly discovered veins with huge cave pearls and 300 million-year-old fossils. In the cave, rare plant species and several new animal species have lately been discovered. In the caves’ woodland region, monkeys, hornbills, and flying foxes have all been observed.

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