Blackmart alpha apk Download Latest Version APK v0.99.2.111B

When Android came into existence, it changed the whole form factor of mobile phones forever. It made phones smarter and started influencing how we did things, and smartphones became a huge part of our lives. Android needs apps to give it functionalities, and it is the specific apps that bring features into a device.

The Android app store, Google Play, has millions of apps and the number is ever growing. Each app has a specific function. Some are games, some are utility apps, etc. The thing is, the developers of some of these apps cannot make enough money from advertisements alone. This is why most of the good apps in the play store are paid ones, and the user needs to pay a specific amount of money to download and install it.

This is a big issue for a typical user, not everyone has such money to spend. This is where the blackmart alpha comes to our rescue. It provides all of the paid apk in google play store for free. Let us see more about blackmart app in detail.

What is Blackmart apk?

Blackmart alpha is a great play store alternative for Android devices. It is the best app for downloading paid apps for absolutely free. All the premium apps in the play store are available for free download in blackmart apk. There isn’t any registration or charge required for using this application. It offers a wide range of paid apps, cracked games and much more free of cost.

The blackmart market app comes as an apk for tablets and smartphones running on the Android operating system. The user just needs to download the apk and install it on his Android device. The downloading of paid apps from blackmart alpha is straightforward and easy. It is also malware free and secure.

All apk files of paid apps in the blackmart app are full versions and do not require a trial. Unlike other market apps, this is very stable and provides a custom search for games and other applications. The app is also ad-free and does not irritate you. One another important feature is that applications can be downloaded without any country restrictions for free.

It supports Android devices from version 2.3.2 (gingerbread) to upwards. Since it supports multiple languages, people from all over the world can use this market app. Also, the important thing to be noted here is that it does not restrict access to particular devices from downloading certain apps, which means that users can install any app for free on their devices.

How to download blackmart apk and install Blackmart alpha

Please follow these steps to download and install blackmart apk for free on your Android device:    

  1. Simply hit the download button in this article to download the blackmart alpha apk, and it will automatically start downloading in a few seconds from our secured servers, without any surveys or sign-ups. You do not need to pay us a penny.
  2. After downloading the apk, if this is the first time you are installing an apk file on your device, then you need to allow the Android operating system to install apk files which are not downloaded from the google play store. For that, simply go to the settings app and then open security tab. Then look for the option “Allow unknown sources”, and tick the checkbox near it.
  3. Now click on the blackmart apk file that you have downloaded from our blog.
  4. Click next to the installation of blackmart is completed.

The blackmart alpha isn’t the best to look at, comparing with the google play store. But it contains all the functionalities of the latter and maybe even more. The UI is simple and not very easy to navigate.

blackmart apk download

How to download apps from Blackmart app

In order to download apps from the blackmart market, follow these steps:    

  1. Open the blackmart app from app drawer.
  2. Search for the desired app in the search box and then hit the go button.
  3. Select the app from the search result, and hit the download button.

One thing to note while downloading apps is to check for compatibility since it lists all the apps, unlike google play store which shows only the apps that are compatible with your device. Since the apps are cracked, there is always some risk while using the cracked versions of paid apps.


That is how you download blackmart apk into your phone. Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts regarding the installation and usage of the app.

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