Even if you don’t live in India, Flashlight apps can come in handy in a variety of scenarios. It can, for example, assist you in finding your way about at night and in sending signals. You can use it to watch your favourite concert, for example.

On smartphones running Android Lollipop and higher, the flashlight feature is already accessible. For much longer, OEMs have included a flashlight feature on their OEM skins. The flashlight feature, however, is not available on older devices.

List of 10 best Free Android Flashlight Apps

As a result, in this article, we’ll go through some of the greatest Android flashlight apps available right now. To turn on the camera flash, which works as a flashlight, these apps require camera access. If your smartphone doesn’t have a flash, these apps will use the light from your screen to turn it into a flashlight.

Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight is one of the greatest and most highly rated flashlight apps on Google Play. Color Flashlight is unique in that it allows users to turn their phone into a flashlight by using either the screen or the LED flash.

You can also utilise several colour effects or patterns if you select the screen flash option.


If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and brilliant flashlight app for your Android phone, you should check out Flashlight.

The Flashlight Android app, like Color Flashlight, allows users to choose between using the phone’s screen or the LED flash for illumination. Aside from that, Flashlight provides customers with additional handy features like as a flashlight timer, widgets, and so on.

Simple Flashlight

Simple Flashlight is an easy-to-use flashlight app for Android, as the name suggests. It does not turn on your phone’s flashlight, but it does brighten the display.

Simple Flashlight has the advantage of allowing you to alter the display colour. You may use this led light app to have fun with your pals by using different colours.

Flashlight: LED Light

If you’re looking for an Android software that will instantly turn your cellphone into a bright flashlight, you should try Flashlight: LED Light. The most apparent feature of Flashlight: LED Light is its clear user interface, which closely resembles that of a traditional flashlight.

Aside from that, Flashlight: LED Light has a strobe mode, a sensitive frequency controller, and an SOS flashlight signal, among other features.

Flashlight – Classic

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use flashlight app for your Android smartphone, Flashlight – Classic is a good choice.

The Android flashlight app includes a strobe and an off timer. A widget in Flashlight – Classic allows you to turn on and off the flashlight immediately from the home screen.

Easy Flashlight

Another top Android app on the list is Easy Flashlight, which quickly switches on the flash next to the back camera. It’s a completely free app that takes up less than 1 MB of storage space on your device to instal.

The app’s user interface is also straightforward, and it’s the greatest Android flashlight app available right now.

So there you have it: the five finest Android flashlight apps available right now. Please let us know if you know of any more similar apps in the comments section below. I hope you found this material useful! Please pass it on to your friends as well.

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