Best Android Apps For College Students

The world is increasingly connected, and our smart devices, such as Android, are used for nearly everything. In earlier years, only laptops were available to assist students with their work, but Android now has the potential to perform all of that with amazing reliability.

If you’re a student, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll go through some of the top Android apps that every student should have on their phone in this article.

Android Apps For College Students

These are general apps that were created with students in mind to assist them with their academics. So, let’s take a look at the top applications for college students.


CamScanner is a mobile app that allows you to scan, store, sync, and collaborate on a variety of documents from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

You can use this to scan essential notes, assignments, and a variety of other vital papers from your Android device, which will be useful for future reference.

  • Mobile Scanner
  • Quick Search
  • Extract Texts from Image
  • Share PDF/JPEG Files
  • Print & Fax


Evernote is a cloud-based workplace that syncs across all of your devices. Stay productive while working from anywhere. Evernote provides you with the tools to effectively share, discuss, and interact with others.

The software is also well-known for its useful note-taking capabilities. You may use this software to add photographs, videos, and reminders to your notes.

  • Write notes, checklists, and research
  • Organize web articles, docs, and photos
  • Discuss your work with others, right within the app

 WPS Office + PDF

You might be working with a lot of text or PDF files as a college student. You can easily open Microsoft office files using WPS Office + PDF.

Not only that, but WPS Office + PDF contains a PDF reader that can be used to read PDF files in the free version. Overall, it’s a fantastic Android office suite app.

RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus is a pro version of the most popular scientific calculator on Android. The calculator software is designed to resemble a real hand-held calculator in appearance and functionality.

It has all of the typical scientific operations, as well as fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, history, memories, unit conversions that can be customised, and constants.

  • Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
  • Fraction calculations and conversion to/from decimal
  • Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion
  • 12-digit display


Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopaedia that anybody may contribute to. Wikipedia articles are open source, and the app code is open source as well. You can even contribute to Wikipedia as a result of this.

Wikipedia could be an excellent learning resource for pupils. On Wikipedia, you may discover information on practically every subject.

  • Tabbed browsing: tapping and holding a link opens it in a new tab, allowing you to keep reading the current article while switching to the new tab when you’re ready.
  • Link previews: Tapping on a connection displays a preview of the connected article, allowing you to receive a quick overview of the link without losing your place in the current page.


This is one of the most interesting apps for college students. Todoist – the delightfully simple to-do list and task management made for the pace of modern life – is used by more than 4 million people across the world.

Todoist is there to help you achieve more every day, whether you need to work with your team, keep track of your most essential projects, or remember to pay the rent.

  • Manage your tasks from anywhere – even offline
  • Plan ahead and never miss another deadline
  • Take your to-do listing to the next level with sub-tasks, sub-projects, color-coded projects, and priority levels.
  • Share projects, assign tasks, and add comments all within the app.


We all know college students don’t have enough time to learn everything and keep up with current events. As a result, Feedly might be the ideal choice for them. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your favourite publications’ news.

Feedly allows you to create collections for your favourite periodicals, podcasts, and YouTube channels, and receive notifications when new stories and videos are published.

Mathway – Math Problem Solver

Mathway, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind math solution software for Android. Mathway claims to be able to solve even the most difficult math problems while also providing step-by-step instructions. To answer any arithmetic issue, simply put the Mathway’s camera at the problem and snap a photo.

The app will scan the question for you and give you step-by-step directions on how to answer it.

  • Mathway appeals to anyone who wants assistance with mathematical difficulties because it is simple to use and efficient.
  • Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra problems are all solved.
  • Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Chemistry, Graphing, and other subjects are also covered in the software.

The best Android apps for college students are listed above. I hope you found this material useful! Please pass it on to your friends as well. Please let us know if you know of any more similar apps in the comments section below.

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