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When Android came into existence, it changed the whole form factor of mobile phones forever. It made phones smarter and started influencing how we did things, and smartphones became a huge part of our lives. Android needs apps to give it functionalities, and it is the specific apps that bring features into a device. The Android app store, Google Play,

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Entertainment is something that everyone craves for. We all need some form of entertainment to keep us happy and spend some quality time. When the internet became popular, there became more ways to find entertainment. Youtube became popular, movie streaming sites became popular and killing time became very easy. The fast and affordable internet helped this process. Mobdro app is

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Rooting refers to the process of gaining complete access to the working of an Android operating system. Once a phone gets rooted, the user can do basically anything with it. Rooting has several advantages, for starters, a user can uninstall all the useless apps that came preinstalled on the device. You can customize each and every aspect of your device